Unity is POWER!

FUREE Institute of Resistance & Equality (F.I.R.E.)

FIRE is FUREE's first leadership school geared to arm our members with the political knowledge and organizing skills to win victories in our campaigns & our movement.

FIRE is a three month, 6 session workshop-style school designed specifically with member development in mind. Running inpic2 two cycles, one in the Spring (May through June) and one in the Fall (September through November) FIRE begins by asking who the real experts are. Are the politicians, who have never received public assistance, who make decisions that unjustly impact our lives, the experts on the welfare system? Are these politicians who create policies that deny our members the very basic rights such as education & training and a living wage the experts?
We believe that the REAL experts on the welfare system are the very people who live in poverty without a living wage, a source of income and no meaningful way to rise above their current economic status. The REAL experts are those who experience the cruelties & dehumanizing policies of the welfare system. The REAL experts are those who believe & understand that learning the history, politics & organizing skills of the welfare system & how to change the very system that oppresses us, is the only way to WIN CHANGE!
With this philosophy at the heart of our leadership school, FIRE, during its three month cycle, holds the following six sessions;
“Race, Class, Gender & the History of Welfare”
In this session, we explore, discuss & come to understand the impact of race, class & gender on our society & how it shapes politics & subsequent policies that exist today. We cap it off the session by looking at the history of the welfare system in the United States and how race, class & gender have molded in to its current form.
“What Is Organizing & How to Host a House Meeting”
This session covers the basics of organizing- “What it is & how you can organize.” We end this session with a training on organizing & hosting your own house meeting to bring information (power & knowledge) about our work to the people around us.
“The Local & Global Economy: Why the Rich Get Richer & the Poor Get Poorer”
Here we explore the connections between the local & global economy, how it affects us, our communities & how these economies are shaped to keep the Rich, rich & the Poor, poor.
“How to Plan a Campaign Strategy”
When tackling an issue, it is vital to think ahead & plan a course of action that will yield the necessary results & win us victories. This session breaks down the steps of developing a campaign strategy.
“The U.S. Government & the Electoral Process”
In this session, we break down how the U.S. government is set up, the different components that make the whole & how a bill becomes a law. To top it off, we extensively cover the electoral process & how it works.
“Media & Facilitation”
Here we break down how the media works & how to draw attention to our issues by using various forms of media. We also workshop how to facilitate a meeting to further our skills in taking on more leadership roles.
pic1One of the most important aspects of FIRE is that FUREE is committed to developing our members to become leaders who can run their own organization and, in the process of their development, understand the importance of imparting their newly learned skills onto new & upcoming active members. As such, members who graduate from FIRE are prepped to facilitate furture FIRE sessions. From the second cycle onward, FIRE has & will continue to be taught by those very members that have come forth from the sessions with new skills & knowledge that empowers them.
There are two tiers of FIRE leadership; one as a graduate & the other as a professor.

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